La Herradura Tapa Route

The village will be holding its first Ruta de la Tapa, which will have 18 participating establishments. The idea is to boost the local hostelry sector.

The event will be held on two separate long weekends, so if you miss the first, you can still catch the second. The first will be from from the 27th to the 30th of this month and the second will be the following week, the 4th to the 8th of July.

“This sort of initiative has been popular with the sector with almost 20 establishments coming on board with their respective tapas, which means that it is bigger than last year’s event in the castle grounds,” said the First Councillor for La Herradura, Sr. Ruiz Joya.

He went on to explain that there will be tapasporte (a word play on tapas and passport) which will be stamped by the establishment owner when the visitor has consumed his tapa and beer for two euros. Once the person has filled up his tapasporte he can drop it in an urn and thus take part in a raffle with prizes donated by several local businesses. The prizes will be drawn on the 11th of July in the Civic Centre.

The tapasportes, by the way, can be obtained either at the establishments themselves on the day or at the Oficina de Turismo de La Herradura.

Right, the first stop on the 27th will be Sacacorchos from 13.00h on. The participating establishments are split into two sectors:

Zona 1: Mesón Tinao, La Bola Marina, Bar El Chorrillo, Las Maravillas, Los Toneles, La Barrica, El Salero, La Piedra and El Salón.

Zona 2: Almansa, Baena, Burger & Papas, El Ancla, Clípper, El Copo, Cúpula Playa, Sacacorchos and La Parrilla.

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