Shell Shock

Our British readers may already have seen this story… and for once, we are unable to say, “only in America.”

A woman was out for a walk in the beautiful Dorset countryside in the UK, when she spotted two men carrying what she thought were rolled up rugs or carpets on their shoulders.

However, on closer inspection they turned out to be a bit more dangerous than that. “I thought they were carrying rugs, but as they walked past, I saw they were enormous shells,” the unnamed woman told the Dorset Echo.

“I was really scared. As they were walking past, my little girl was alongside them. I just think they’re idiots.”

“I was with somebody who used to be in the Army and he said that because their ends were intact, they were unexploded,” the woman explained.

As it turns out, the Army actually do use this are of the English countryside to do ammunition training, so the shells could indeed be ‘live.’

After examining a photo taken by the woman and speaking with the witnesses, the British Ministry of Defence is now appealing for the people in the photo, or anyone that recognizes them to contact them as soon as possible. They also confirmed that the objects did indeed look like 120-millimetre tank shells, but how much, if any explosives are inside, they said, is impossible to say.