Deadly Dolphins

Many of us have been lucky to see dolphin along our coast, and some may remember the 1960’s TV series called Flipper. Well, if certain media sources are to be believed, your next encounter with a dolphin could prove fatal!

The Ukrainian Navy allegedly trained several dolphins to seek out mines, submarines and even to kill, with weapons attached to their heads. So, next time you see a friendly looking porpoise swimming just offshore, give it a wide berth!

So, how did the deadly dolphins get back into the wild? Well, according to reports, they are very well trained and have always returned from their training mission, but it is believed that some of them have started to get a bit horny, and have gone off to find a bit of porpoise action elsewhere.

Experts in the field say that the dolphins are of no threat, and will return to their enclosures very soon without harming anyone. The Ukrainian Navy themselves are keeping very tight blow holed about the whole thing, denying the dolphins even exist. Although, reports do seem to indicate that they are using dolphins, as per a previous Soviet experiment some years ago.

We will leave it to you to decide whether these dastardly dolphins exist or not, but until you’ve made up your minds, keep a weather eye out for any porpoise in dodgy headgear!