Suspect Burglar Arrested

The Guardia Civil in Almuñécar have arrested a 16-year-old lad for allegedly carrying out two burglaries.

The youth was actually caught in the act by a police patrol on the 13th of February, along the Paseo de Cotobro, balancing a TV on his head and a scart lead tied around his neck, bless him.

When the Guardia Civil asked him where the TV came from, he responded that he had found it in a rubbish bin. Not unsurprisingly, they were not convinced, so after asking him for his ID, they accompanied him home to speak with his mother. After a short conversation, it was decided to confiscate the TV until its ownership could be established.

It was on the 19th, three days later, that the Guardia Civil established its origin, which turned out to be a house in Almuñécar. Allegedly, the youth had scaled a wall to gain access to the backyard and using a stone had broken a pane of a glass in a door. He also reportedly made off with a small music centre, a Satellite-receiver and other electrical goods.

Further investigation indicates that the youngster could also be responsible for another break-in on the 7th of February in another house in town, in which a racing bike worth 800 euros was ‘liberated.’

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)