Six Years for Double Kidnapping

The eight people that confessed to kidnapping a woman and her stepson have accepted the six-year prison sentence for each of them. The Public Prosecutor had originally recommended a 21-year sentence for two of them, but a deal was struck with the defence lawyer.

The crime took place in October of 2010 involving a married couple; Moises F.H and María N.P., who had agreed to carry out a kidnapping with Juan M.H., Roberto G.C and Mercedes C.R. with the object of stealing the victim’s possessions. At a later date, Melvin R.R. and Raulin R. L. joined the plot.

As the victim is a 2nd-hand-car dealer, they called her to arrange an appointment and the meeting point was a gasoline station in Churriana de la Vega, Granada. Things became more complicated when the victim turned up with her 16-year-old stepson as company. Intimidating the victims with a weapon, they forced them into a car and drove them to a patch of disused land near Las Gabias.

Whilst some of the members of the kidnap gang went to her house to clear it of money and valuables, the woman tried to escape, so they threw her down a step gully, falling some 40 metres. However, when they saw that she had survived, they tried to get her up to the top again so that they could run over her with the car. Seeing that it was impossible to reach the top, they kicked her back down to the bottom.

The original article does not relate how the kidnapping ended but cites that the Public Prosecutor agreed to drop the attempted murder charge, hence the drop in the recommended sentence, pressing instead the charges of kidnapping, causing bodily harm and theft.

(News: Las Gabias, Granada, Andalucia)