Bomb Scare

Police in Cyprus had a bit of a scare recently, when a man wandered into a police station carrying a package, which he felt was rather suspicious. When the officer on duty had a look, he immediately agreed with the man, as it was a bomb.

The incident suddenly turned into a major security scare, with the evacuation of the entire police station, while bomb disposal experts got to grips with the device and disarmed it.

A police spokesman told the press, “He obviously didn’t know what it was,” he said.

Apparently, the 33-year-old chap was just about to drive off from his home when he saw the device on the back window of his car. Not sure what it was, but thinking it was a tad strange, he drove straight to the police station to ask them if they knew what it might be.

The package turned out to be a ‘makeshift, high-intensity explosive’ which had a detonator attached and a fuse. Luckily, there appeared to have been a malfunction with the trigger mechanism, which caused the device to fail. Apart from causing everyone near heart attacks, that is.

(News: International)