Tractor Vs. The Badly Parked

Bad parking can be expensive, in Yegen, (Alpujarra). A farmer decided to take justice into his own hands after putting up with a neighbour who constantly parked in front of his yard gate… so he rammed the offending car with his tractor and shoved it out of the way.

The farmer was simply tired of having to ask the car owner not to park there because he couldn’t get his tractor out. So, on this last occasion, he opened the gate, revved up and hooted his horn… nobody came, so he simply rammed the car and shunted it about six metres, leaving it dangling over a small bank.

The car owner at this point decided to get off his arse and was not happy. He had the insurance company come round and assess the damage caused, which amounted to 2,000 euros.

Many readers might consider that the money the farmer could end up reimbursing would be well worth it; just for the exquisite pleasure of doing that to the offending car and witnessing the expression on the owner’s face. Bet the silly bugger will think twice before parking there again. Yegen, by the way, Folks – if I am not mistaken – is the village where ‘South of Granada’ was set.

(News: Yegen, Alpujarras, Granada, Andalucia)