Police Blues

It isn’t that much fun being a Guardia Civil policeman – fining motorists aside – because one of them was attacked for telling a drug addict off for injecting himself in the street.

Yes, 47-year-old A.F.J. was busily turning himself into a pincushion when a GC patrol pulled up and had the audacity to ask him to do that sort of thing in private. So our punctured friend threw himself on the startled and flippant policeman.

With the help of his companion, the policeman managed to subdue the hissing assailant… This is all according to the police, by the way, and we have no reason to disbelieve them, do we?

This happened in Pinos Puente, but not far away in Alhendín, another policeman – this time a Local Policeman – was getting similar treatment. Actually, it was a little more specialist, because the aggressor gave him a kick in the Hanging Humphries (testicles).

Apparently the policeman had surprised him urinating in the street. Not content with this testicular retribution, the man also decided to report the chap in (black and) blue for abusing his authority! According to the man’s lawyer, he had stumbled out of a bar completely sozzled and had started to urinate up again a wall when the nasty policeman came along and shoved him from behind.

The lawyer claims that as his client fell to the ground, it was physically impossible for him to apply the said kick in the nuts to the policeman.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Granada, Andalucia)