Not Only The Sewage Stinks

Granada’s Technological Park was to be the showroom of modernity, yet it lacked sewage disposal – everything ended up in an irrigation channel.

Of course, that wasn’t how it was supposed to be and the money that should have been used to connect it to the public sewage system in Armilla has disappeared – surprise!

Now, thankfully, as the full scandal strides on, workmen are busy connecting up the sewage outlet from the science park to the main public sewage disposal system. For this to be carried out, trenches are being excavated and concrete piping is being laid, eighteen months after the ‘defect’ came to light.

At present the affair is before a judge, who is investigating where an emergency grant of 450,000 euros ended up to connect up the sewage outlet, because obviously, it didn’t end up where it was supposed to. The socialist mayor of the time, Gerardo Sánchez, is facing charges of embezzlement and forging public documents, amongst other crimes.

The present conservative mayor, Antonio Ayllón has ordered this emergency work to be carried out using funds from the municipal coffers totalling 148,000 euros. Amazingly, the socialist mayor points an accusative finger at the present mayor, demanding to know how, if when he obtained a quote from the water utility company, Emasagra, to do the work it did not go over 50,000 euros, the budget now reaches 148,000 euros.

What is interesting, of course, is if the quote was for 50,000 euros, why did he obtain an emergency grant for 450,000 from the Junta for precisely this task?

(News: Armilla, Granada, Andalucia)