Is Nothing Sacred?

There are certain things that a gentlemen does not subject a young lady to; namely a firework rocket to the buttocks.

It happened in Pinos Puentes on the night of the 31st; New Year’s celebrations, when high spirits and fireworks abounded. Sadly, where there are fireworks in abundance, there are pests in similar quantities and this night and location were to be no different.

One man was being particularly annoying and reckless, so much so that with barely 25 minutes to go before the midnight chimes, the Policía Local approached him and told him to tone it down. However, he merely waited for the police, foot patrol to move off and then continued with his pyrotechnical pestering as before.

The inevitable occurred when a gleefully ignited rocket sped upwards, but only as high as the street lamp, where after colliding with the light, it shot back down, ricocheted off the pavement and hit a young lady in the most curvaceous part of her undercarriage.

It was not a joking matter, however, because such was the damage caused by the impact and combustion, she had to be attended to in the nearest hospital. She was later transferred to a hospital in Manises (Valencia) where she lives and where she was operated upon. The surgeons had to remove incrusted pieces of plastic from the rocket’s nose cone from one of her buttocks.

As soon as she was released, she marched (limped?) down to the Guardia Civil post and denounced the scoundrel that had launched the heinous device.

(News: Pinos Puentes, Granada, Andalucia)