Consequential Death

The death of an 80-year-old mother lead to the death of her 40-year-old daughter, who was physically handicapped. The mother died of natural causes and the daughter who had severe mental and physical handicaps died alone in their apartment days afterwards.

It was the policia local of Astorga (Leon) that found the bodies. As the mother also had an apartment in Madrid, neighbours thought that they had gone to stay there. The police had been trying to find them for several days, as they wanted to evaluate the elderly woman’s capacity as a carer. The younger woman had been in several homes, but the mother, who loved her dearly, wanted to keep her near and care for her.

The elderly father had died a couple of years back, so the two women; Marta, the mother and María del Mar, the daughter, lived by themselves. They couple had never had more children after their first born, María.

(News: Astorga, Leon, Spain)