Beached Dolphin on Almuñécar Beach

Whilst strolling along the Playa Pozuelo (Taramay, Almuñécar) a woman came across a beached dolphin which was very much alive. Fortunately for the dolphin the person that found him was a biologist, Karen Enayati, who was carrying out a study on jellyfish.

She phoned the municipal police, who alerted the the staff of the Municipal Environment Department, headed by the Councillor, Luis Aragón. The first thing that they, in turn, did was to put into operation the protocol for alerting CREMA (Centro de Recuperación de Especies Marinas). This is where the reader can start humming the theme tune for Mission Impossible.

As the animal was not injured nor had a fever the prime task was to keep the dolphin wet until a decision was made, which in this case was to transport it to the CREMA installations. The 1.5m dolphin was approximately 2-years old and had probably become disorientated. Being a dolphin, when the wet stuff runs out and you’re left lying on pebbles surrounded by humans, there is a fair chance that you took a wrong turning somewhere.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)