No Nookie Nation

The west African country of Togo endured a week long strike by a great many of its women. They decided to stage a one week sex strike in support of a call for the resignation of the country’s long standing president, Faure Gnassingbe, whose family have managed to maintain power for decades.

The call for his resignation has come from a coalition of Tongo political opposition parties. Isabelle Ameggnvi, the opposition leader and the one who called for the action says the nookie strike is like a ‘weapon of battle’ in the fight for political change in Tongo.

The call for change has been ongoing for some time, with anti Gnassingbe demonstrations recently dispersed by soldiers using teargas and rubber bullets, as well as well over 100 people arrested. It is suggested that even children have been detained by the regime, and it is hoped that protests such as the sex strike will bring the detentions to the notice of the world.

There has been some difference of opinion amongst the women of Tongo as to whether their men would be supportive of such an action. Some have said their husbands would be behind them all the way (so to speak), whilst others say it will be a little more difficult. Some have even said it would be impossible for them to take part.

As one male opposition supporter suggested, to much laughter, “One week is too much, let’s go for only two days,” he jibed.
There was also some mocking of Ms. Ameggnvi, who called the strike, even amongst her own party, suggesting that it was easy for her to suggest this kind of action when she is not married and does not live with a man at home.

All we can safely say is that it could well turn out that a lack of screwing in Tongo could see the president well and truly screwed.

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