Knock Knock II

If at first you don’t succeed… knock a hole in the wall. A couple of days ago we posted an article entitled ‘Knock Knock’ about a man who was interrupted by the police as he tried to prize open the front door of an apartment, using a large chisel and lump hammer. But that wasn’t to be the last of it.

The Policía Local found 61-year-old J.G.M.M. had beaten a hole through a wall to gain access to the same flat. Again, the police had been alerted by neighbours that something industrious was going on…

Now two more things have come to light, one being that the man never owned the flat but rented it for a couple of years and secondly, when the police took him away the first time, it also involved a visit to one of the main hospitals where he was examined in the Unidad de Salud Mental.

(News: La Chana, Metropolitan Granada, Granada, Andlaucia)