Maro Fiestas

Thursday 6th September
Special kiddies day, everything at half price.

Friday 7th
11:00h: Floral procession with dancing and music.
13:00h: Feria de día in the Plaza de las Maravillas, paella offered by the Merendero Ayo, followed by a performance by Placido and the Cristian & Ángela Dance Group.
18:00h: A race around town organised by the Club Nerja de Atletismo.
19:00h: Floral mass in honour of la Madre de los Mareños, Nuestra Virgen de las Maravillas, with the participation of the Coro Mareño (choir).
22:00h: Gran gala for the choosing of the Queen of the Fiestas as her Maids of Honour, hosted by Cristian David.
23:30h: Knees up at the fair grounds in the dangerous hands of the Al Alba orquestra.

Saturday 8th
09:00h: Floral procession with dancing and music.
12:00h: Holy Mass in honour of Nuestra Patrona la Virgen de las Maravillas, accompanied by the Coro Mareño.
13:00h: Musical concert in the village square (Charanga).
Tour of all the bars in the village.
19:30h: Knees up at the equally sadistic hands of two fiesta bands: Nueva Imagen and Al alba.
21:00: Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas, will be marched around the village to the accompaniment of the Nerja Musical Band. Fireworks will be let of when the Virgen reaches the church again and the musical group Grupo Rumba 2000 will be lying in wait for the unsuspecting. Oh, there will also be the Coros y Danzas de Maro.
23:00h: All hell will break lose at the fair ground when Al alba and Nueva Imagen strike up.
01:00: The star performance will be given by Plaza Sur – free admittance.

Sunday 9th
11:00h: Floral procession led by the Banda de Cornetas y Tambores San Miguel Arcángel de Nerja.
13:00h: Feria de día in the Plaza de las Maravillas. Restaurante Cueva de Nerja will be laying on plates of Callos (tripe) for the gastronomically adventurous. There will also be musical performances by Sondelarte Coros, Danzas de Maro and Elena Gálvez Dance Academy.
17:00h: Kiddies games in the Plaza del Pueblo.
18:00: A Horse and buggy meet at the Jardín de la Marquesa.
18:30h: Homage to the elderly of the village at the Centro Social, with a performance by Plácido.
20:00h: Knees up by the merciless dance band, Nueva Imagen
24:00h: Knees up and firework finale until the last man drops.

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