Rebellion Amongst the Parrot and Fish Carers

The workers at the Almuñécar Loro-Sexi bird park and at the Aquario are not impressed because they haven’t been paid a penny in three months.

Both the Aquario and Loro Sexi are run by the Catalán company, Bluedisplays, employing a total of 70 workers, who have not received their salaries since the summer began. The Aquarium was run directly by the Town Hall up until 2008, as well as the bird park, but to reduce costs, the management of both municipal attractions was passed into private hands.

There is no doubt that both the work force and the Town Hall have made great efforts to make the attractions work, but some consider that this has not been matched by the private company. The staff have shown understanding, they consider, during the winter months when takings were low, but after three months of high season, they did, not unreasonably, expect to get paid; if not all, at least something.

The Town Hall has pitched in behind the cash-struck staff, with the municipal Councillor for Tax Department pointing out that the company has not been observing the conditions of the lease and that the Town Hall would be consulting its Judicial Advice Department to see what should be done.

The manager of the aquarium Oscar Jiménez says that he was not aware of the situation and that when he did discover what the situation was he had immediately gone to Granada to file a complaint against the company before the Consumers Rights Office.

Whilst waiting for an answer from the municipal legal department, there seems just two options open to the Town Hall: take over the management again and run them directly, or put it out to bid again.

Finally, the Town Hall says that it promptly pays over to Bluedisplay all agreed sums agreed in the lease, whereas the company does not pay its suppliers and staff. What does the company owner have to say about all this. Silence, it appears.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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