Spanish Prisoners Abroad

Did you know that 83.4% of the 2,426 Spaniards being held in prisons outside the country are serving drug-related sentences?

There are 271 in Peru, 192 in Colombia, 191 in Italy, 178 in Brazil and 154 in Morocco. It would be interesting to know how many prisoners from those countries are being held in Spanish prisons for the same offenses, eh? Anyway, back to Spaniards in the land of striped sunshine abroad: 581 are in European prisons, representing 29% of the total.

The Spanish Government released these figures, pointing out that whereas in Spain a distinction is made between personal consumption and selling the stuff, no such ‘nicety’ is considered in many countries. Furthermore, Head of the Plan Nacional sobre Drogas, Francisco Babin, pointed out that Spaniards being held abroad for these offences can request a transfer to serve their sentence in Spain, but the other government has to agree to it and the paperwork takes so long that you end up spending years in prison waiting.

All aboard for the Midnight Express and bring your own soap!

(News: Spain)

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