Figueres & Forest Fires

Robin MacArthur, who lives in Figueres within view of the fires raging in the province of Girona (Catalunya), is kindly giving us information from near the fire fronts.

“I was up on the roof and took the photos. The fire started in La Jonquera, which is on the border about 15 km away.”

Because of the wind, the authorities were unable to do anything other than evacuate nearby villages Cantallops, Agullana and Capmany.

The fire spread down the valley towards Figueres basically following the route of the AP7 and reached the village of Llers, about 3km from here. I could see the flames last night and also the flames of another fire east of here at Portbou. The wind has dropped but it still reeks of smoke and there is still a lot in the air.

All afternoon, there was no sun and a weird yellow light and ash swirling around in the air.”

Figueres, where Mr MacArthur lives, is providing 650 accommodation spaces for those that have been evacuated from the nearby villages. The municipal sports pavilion and the secondary school, La Salle have been used for this purpose.

Santiago Villa, mayor of Figueres, which houses the famous Salvador Dali museum, said he had ordered the city’s 44,000 residents to stay indoors until further notice.

The Net has been alive with reports of the tragic death of a two French tourists; father and daughter, who leapt off a cliff to escape the flames; the 50-metre drop resulted in the 60-year-old man’s death from impacting on submerge rocks. The 15-year-old girl who survived the fall, however, drowned. The mother was in a critical condition on Monday with a back injury, while a son and other daughter did not suffer life-threatening injuries. All were fished out of the sea by Portbou boaters and their identities were not released, Cortaba said.

The flames had cut the autopista and forced 150 people to abandon their vehicles and try to make their way to the sea. Most of them found their way to the beach near Portbou to escape the blaze, but the father and daughter had been cornered on the cliff top.

Another Frenchman suffered a heart attack and died as he tried to douse flames around his home.

(News: Figueres, Girona, Cataluña)

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  1. claret
    July 23, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    I’ll try to get up there tomorrow and take some more pics. At the moment , everything is cordoned off and it is impossible to get anywhere near the affected area.

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