Fined for Collecting Pine Cones

The Town Hall in Zamora has taken legal action against a father and his son, resulting in their having to pay 1,215 euros. The reason? For collecting pine cones from the León Felipe park, because the ‘pine cones belong to the Town Hall.”

The heinous crime was carried out in November 2011 when two industrious municipal policemen issued a fine to the two men, who were found guilty of theft by the city law court, sentencing them to pay a 360-euro fine each, 495 euros in compensation to the Town Hall and ordered to pay the court costs.

The father and son habitually collected the fallen pine cones for their heating boiler. Furthermore, the local IU party pointed out that the Town Hall spends money to have them all collected up as ‘rubbish’ and thrown away, which hardly classifies them as ‘valuable material,’ they reason. The IU consider that the Town Hall should be ashamed of itself.

(News: Zamora, Spain – Photo Emilio Fraile)

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