Policeman Drowns In Rescue Attempt

An off-duty policeman, belonging to the Policía Nacional drowned off Playa El Palmar in Véjer de la Frontera, Cádiz in an attempt to rescue two foreign tourists. He had been sunbathing with his wife on the said beach when he saw the two swimmers in difficulties, calling for help, so, without hesitation, he went to their assistance.

The body of 33-year-old Carlos Calderón was located on the seabed hours later by Guardia Civil divers, 400 metres from where he disappeared.

As for the two swimmers, they were rescued by a female surfing instructor, using her surfboard – she saw no signs of the policeman. When she had delivered the two swimmers to the beach, she went back out again in search of him but to no avail.

Carlos Calderon was awarded the Medalla de Oro, postumously, (the highest award within the Policia Nacional) at a moving funeral ceremony within the police headquarters.

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