Acid Attack

When you hear the type of aggression suggested by the title of this article, you cannot help but think that it must have occurred in rural India or Pakistan, but this was not the case in this instance; it was Madrid.

A 29-year-old Spanish woman received deep chemical burns to 2% of her body, mainly on her face, after an unidentified man approached her and threw acid into her face. Witnesses described him as a young man with a grey T-shirt and a black cap. The aggressor was able to flee the scene of the crime and to date the police have been unable to establish his identity and arrest him.

The first people to come to the victims aid were a chemist who had run out of her shop and an insurance agent that was passing; both had been alerted by the desperate screaming.

“Her face was disfigured and the skin was falling off,” the chemist explained, adding that she touched her hair and immediately noted that her hands were burning. “We tried to soak up the liquid with paper, but it wasn’t working.” So frantic was their attempts to help her that the insurance agent had to be attended at the local hospital for chemical burns to his hands.

An ambulance crew were soon at the scene and administered Diphoterine to neutralize the acid and stop it causing further damage before rushing her to the nearest hospital (La Paz) in a serious condition.

(News: Madrid, Spain)

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