Invisible 22-Tonne Machine

A man from Vícar, Almería was arrested for having allegedly stolen a 22-tonne mechanical digger from a work site belonging to the AVE (high-speed train) track-laying project in Cáceres, Extremadura. Quite apart from hauling it right across southern Spain, he simply drove onto the guarded site, loaded the digger and drove off with it.

Mr B.J.C.H. confessed to having pulled off this logistic and planning feat, which involved pocketing a separate and sizable hydraulic hammer attachment, with a total value of over 200,000 euros.

According to the Guardia Civil headquarters in Cáceres, the 34-year-old man drove his lorry into the fenced off depot, which was under the surveillance of over a dozen private security guards at the time, in the early hours of the morning. He then chose one of the many excavation machines being used on this particular stretch of the AVE line and drove the bloody great tracked beastie onto the back of his lorry, taking around two hours from arrival to departure. Don’t forget that he also spotted an enticing looking hydraulic hammer attachment and loaded that, too.

He then set off across southern Spain, from not far off the Portuguese border to sunny Almería, arriving without a hitch… but not for long, because the very next day he was arrested by the Almería Guardia Civil in what could only be described as a stroke of bad luck on the behalf of our ambitious villain.

The police were carrying out a routine inspection on his company. Their attention was drawn to the impressive digger, which was seemingly undergoing maintenance. There were external signs of tampering, (the company logo had been paint-sprayed out) so they asked to look at its paperwork. The spray paint was only meant to hide the machine’s identity during the trip, but he had just not had timed to do more. Not convinced, the decided to carry out investigations and bingo; a stolen digger had just been reported over in Cáceres.

The police suspect that he might have had inside help… how else can you explain a dozen security guards not noticing what was going on?

(News: Vicar, Almeria, Andalucia)

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