Woman Sets Fire to Herself in a Church

A woman appears to have deliberately set herself on fire in a church in Valladolid, in Castilla-Leon. The 33-year old was a resident of a mental institution.

“At first we thought that a fire had broken out in the church, and when we got there with buckets of water, we saw that it was a woman, but she was completely covered in flames and we could do nothing,” one eyewitness recounted.

The woman reportedly covered herself in an inflammable liquid in front of the altar before igniting her clothes, according to Guardia Civil sources.

The young woman suffered from a mental condition that required her residing in a psychiatric hospital since May.

She regularly attended the parish church of Canalejas de Peñafiel and often spoke with the priest, explained the Mayor, adding that she got on with everybody at a bar where she had coffee every morning at 11.00. Eleven o’clock was also the time that she chose to carry out the act.

The victim was profoundly religious and had left the mental institution with the intention of becoming a nun at a nearby convent, but had not been accepted and had returned to the psychiatric hospital.

(News: Canalejas de Peñafiel, Castilla-Leon, Spain)

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