Anything Goes?

When the PP was in opposition, it heavily criticised the then socialist government for carrying out a tax amnesty, yet within months of being elected the new PP Government intends to do precisely that – this is the last in a series contradictory actions put into being by Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy. The reaction to this announced tax amnesty, not surprisingly, has conveyed both incredulity and rejection.

Basically, the impression that this move gives is that Hacienda is not bothered where the money comes from, as long as it gets its 10%, and that’s the deal; you come forward with previously undeclared wealth in foreign bank accounts, pay 10% in tax and how you came by the money or the fact that you committed crime by hiding it, is forgiven and forgotten.

The message that this sends out to law-abiding – and struggling – taxpayers is that crime pays… along with the suckers that regularly pay their income tax, the opposition, en bloc, argues.

The euphemistic term used by the Government is ‘Special Tax Declaration,’ which they hope will bring to light 25,000,000 (2,500m for the Government) which sounds a lot, admittedly, but is probably not even 5% of the taxpayers’ money that will be used to bail out the banks – a double insult, to boot.

Another gaping wound in the credibility of this barely disguised, official money laundering operation is that the amnesty is only for black money stashed away before December 2010, but as there are no questions asked, there is no mechanism to check that the money does in fact belong to that period, because the ‘repentant one’ need only say, “Oh yes, this money was stashed away before Christmas 2010,” and that’s that, because there is no way of knowing if it was stashed away last week.

The Government is desperate for money today, and may the Devil take tomorrow, it seems…

(News: Spain)

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