Granada Labour Reform Protest

Some 12,000 people gathered in the centre of Granada on Wednesday 29th February, to protest against labour reforms.

At the head of the marchers were local representatives from many of the unions, including the CCOO and the UGT who sent their leaders in the Granada, Ricardo Flores and Manuela Martinez, who called the reforms, “useless, inefficient and unfair,” a sentiment backed by the United Left and PSOE representatives.

The demonstration passed off peacefully and without incident, with the protesters choosing to make their feelings know in a vociferous manner, shouting slogans such as, “more work for the workers and less money for the bankers.”

There were strong words from many of the union leaders and politicians, including one statement that suggested Spain is ‘kneeling’ before the policies dictated by Sarkozy and Merkel from the perspective of the European Union.

The protesters called a halt to proceedings at around 21.45 hours, just and hour and a half after it began, with everyone leaving the final location, Plaza del Triunfo, quietly and peacefully.


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