Two Spanish National Articles

Spanish Downloaders Beware
The end of Internet piracy moved one step closer to full realization when New Zealand police arrested the planet’s biggest pirate, Kim Dotcom (né Kim Schmitz), founder of Megaupload. Mega’s MO is simple: a user has a file or files, either software, music, films, anything digital, he or she uploads it somewhere in the cloud, and then posts a link on any number of sites which group such postings so that other users can then download whatever they want.

An innocent interpretation of this is, hey, I have something I want to share with you all, a more sinister interpretation is the infringement of copyright.
The US is the leading prosecutor of these perceived crimes, and currently is debating certain anti-internet piracy bills in congress, which critics will say will kill the Internet’s freedom.

The US has accused Spain of being one of the biggest abusers of copyright infringement to the point where movie studios have contemplated cutting Spain out of the video rental market where much piracy begins. The Sinde law goes into effect this spring which grants government the right to block web pages it deems to be guilty of copyright infringement, and this is only the first step in Spain’s fight against piracy. Kim Dotcom’s arrest was dramatic: he refused to come out or open up to the coppers, so they used sharp tools cut their way into his secluded mansion, eventually finding him in some inner secret bunker standing near a sawed-off shotgun. His arrest was coordinated with the FBI.

The FBI claims Kim Dotcom made over 40 million dollars from Megaupload in 2010 alone; he is definitely a wealthy man. So just a heads up: the times have changed, and the Internet soon will be something different for some of us.

Village’s Record Debt
Peleas de Abajo, in Zamora, has claimed a new record as being Spain’s most indebted hamlet, said debt representing 20 thousand euros for each of the 241 residents. The Town Hall’s total debt is over 5 million euros. And this information is making international news.

In order to combat this crushing burden certain measures have been introduced, including eliminating the mayor’s salary, taking away the Hall’s mobile phones, restricting expenses and per diems of all councillors. Local taxes have risen in water and garbage collection. Even the cemetery has seen a rise in taxes. And of course, musicians have been cut out of the town’s feria of this year.

It is alleged that this massive debt arose because of the construction of a home for the elderly, whose financing went awry.

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