Two National Articles

The BOSS Rocks Spain
Any fans of New Jersey rocker Bruce will be pleased by the announcement of an additional concert on Gran Canaria. The E-street boy wonder will be playing on May 15th in the Gran Canaria stadium in Las Palmas; the stadium’s capacity will be increased to 46 thousand for the event.

Other dates for the US’ highway star are May 13th in Seville, May 17th and 18th in Barcelona, June 2nd up in San Sebastian, and June 17th in Madrid. Tickets are for the wealthy only: between 60 and 70 euros a pop. The Boss is famous for his intense and lengthy shows, so if you have the brass…

Huge Bail for Fraudsters
A judge in Castellón has set a bail of 4.27 million euros for Carlos Fabra, the PP’s local president and ex-president of the Diputación. His ex-wife’s bail was set at 1.7 million euros.

Charges against Fabra and ex-wife, as well as two other associates, include the usual: corruption, bribery, mis-use of public funds, fraud, as well as several counts of blah blah blah. The defendants have only one day to come up with the cash which, in the case they don’t, will be found by embargoes on bank accounts and property seizure.

Prosecutors are looking for 9 years incarceration for the alleged crimes, which involve monies earned between in 1994 and 2004, never declared to the Tax authorities, and which do not add up vis-à-vis reported earnings and personal savings. I figure that one way out of this crisis is to recoup all this ill-gotten gain nation-wide which would turn Spain’s debt into a surplus over-night. Because the amount of money being, as it were, ‘corrupted’ away is enormous.

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