Two National Articles

Live Shower Feed
Three Spanish tourists in Figueras, Girona, were shocked and dismayed to discover a hidden web-cam in their hotel shower. The two brothers and a girlfriend found the camera after noticing some tape on an air vent high up the shower wall.

Their immediate thoughts were of a YouTube documentary on the naked body, in particular, their naked bodies. Police were immediately called in and interviews conducted; two hotel maintenance people offered differing opinions, the younger one clearly surprised by the camera’s presence whereas the older one, perhaps in cognitive shock, opined that there never had been a camera there, not even as he was looking at it.

Legal representation for the three tourists is asking for 20 thousand euros in moral damages for each tourist.

Bi-Monthly Bills Again
The government has announced that the electric bills will return to their former bi-monthly arrival. The system of estimating users’ usage every other month has angered many as they feel the estimation is not accurate which in turn leads to the electric companies charging more than corresponds to them.

The beleaguered Spanish electric companies are owed a great deal of money (billions of euros) by the government owing to successive governments’ policy of forcing the companies to sell their energy at a loss, and in recent years the government has allowed price hikes in order to correct this imbalance.

The average user does not give a damn what the electric companies are owed, and many even have no idea about this deficit; all they care about are the perceieved savage increases of the past years. Going back to the bi-monthly system will likely only be a psychological victory for users as prices will continue to rise.

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