Bishop Denounces Incitement to Fornicate in Classrooms

The bishop’s stance is startling in itself but perhaps the headline is misleading: he’s not complaining that pupils are encouraged to fornicate whilst in their classrooms, but that what is imparted during their classes encourages them to fornicate in general.

Having clarified that, we continue: the Bishop of Córdoba published a letter in which he considers that the cinema, TV, the media in general, and even in secondary schools, teenagers are encouraged to fornicate… as if they needed any encouragement, that is.

Bishop Demetrio Fernández cited the letter written by Saint Peter to the inhabitants of Corinthians, urging them to “flee from fornication,” claiming that it is just as valid today as it was then.

Chastity is a virtue, his weekly letter says, underlining that when sexuality is ‘on the right tracks’ a person can live in harmony with himself.

Meanwhile, over in Valladolid, the Archbishop of the city, Ricardo Blázquez, doesn’t think that the Vice-President or (deputy prime minister) of the Government should really be opening the Semana Santa processions as she was married in a civil ceremony rather than in the church.

But who really takes the biscuit is the Archbishop of Tarragona, Juame Pujol Barcells, who considers the roll of women is to have babies and look after their husbands… bless him. This was in response to the idea of opening up the priesthood to women.

The dear old Archbishop considers that a woman “should care more for her husband, who is the youngest child in the house.” Well, whilst you’re trying to figure that one out – we’re not even going to try to ourselves, we plunge on…

He considers that woman can’t officiate Holy Mass because “we all have our functions.” He admitted that he was unable to give birth to a child and reasoned that this was a clear indication of how we can’t all do what we want.

Asked what he thought of the Anglican Church in which women can hold mass and rise up through the ecclesiastical ranks of the Church, he again said that he could never be a woman (he does appear to have a bit of a problem with that one – has anybody ever explained how a sex change works?)

The Archbishop, who is a member of Opus Dei (there’s a surprise) also had strong thoughts on homosexuality and same-sex marriages. “One must distinguish between people and people’s behaviour; as people, we are all the children of God, but there are certain behaviours that are not adequate for people or societies” Was he referring to pederast priests, one might ask oneself?

He also observed, “The Church can speak out, but we cannot obligate people to act, as we have no police nor prisons,” He forgot to add, “anymore,” however.

Finally, we leave you with one of his previous comments from another occasion, “I also have to pay for abortions with my taxes and subsidize all those atheist organisations.” Perhaps if taxpayers didn’t tick the box to donate part of their taxes to the Catholic Church, he wouldn’t have too… bless him.

(News: Cordoba/Valladolid/Barcelona, Spain)

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