My Tailor is Rich

Francisco Camps, the handsome, suave ex-president of Valencia, resigned a few months ago from office in order to face down charges that he had accepted several expensive suits as gifts. In turn, one supposes, the free suits guaranteed someone or someone’s certain favourable treatment. At least that seems to be the sub-textual gist of the charges against him.

This minor scandal fits in with the much more vast Caso Gürtel, which possibly will turn out to be Spain’s biggest scandal in modern history. That case revolves around financial skulduggery in which many prominent PP politicians have been implicated. Anyway, the suits thing seems to be of little importance, and yet on and on it drags through the media and the courts.

Recently Camps claimed that he had paid for his suits in cash and yet evidence seems to indicate the contrary, that is, he paid nothing at all.
There is a whiff of the political about this trial which might explain the tenacity with which the courts have pursued him. Some of his known associates are deeply involved in Gürtel. Whatever the outcome, a highly successful political career is, for the moment, on the ropes.

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