Lethal 4X4

A 36-year-old man appears to have deliberately mowed down his own sister, brother-in-law and 5-year-old niece with his 4X4 after a family argument. The sister suffered a broken leg and her husband was taken to hospital badly injured. The little girl was killed outright.

According to eye-witness accounts, a little before seven in the evening there was a heated argument between the brother and sister over the brother’s intention to install homing pigeons in the mother’s house. At the height of the argument, the brother allegedly drew a knife and threatened his sister with it. After this he stormed out of the family house.

He climbed into his 4×4 (Santana Jimny) and rammed the entrance when the couple and their child appeared, causing mayhem. The alleged culprit. L.G.M., who is out of work at the moment, has no criminal record.

(News: Jaen, Andalucia)

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