Three More Spanish National Articles

Deadly Hijinx

‘Balconing’ is a recent fad where Jack Ass wannabes (those crazy guys who do extreme stunts) clamber up onto high places such as hotel balconies and then proceed to jump off of them, aiming for the hotel pool.

As might be imagined, some miss, as did one 20-year-old tourist in Tenerife who landed, splat, near the pool. Emergency services arrived to find the man long-gone.


Welcome to the Working Week

In a case of More is Less, Madrid civil servants are being forced to work longer hours but without any compensation. PP president Esperanza Aguirre decided to push the measure over 120,000 civil servants, which represents seventy per cent of her entire staff. 37.5 hours is the new working week, and any worker off work from between four and fifteen days will not be paid.

Aguirre says she aims to slash 82 million euros off expenses. This is a bid to reduce Madrid’s frightening debt levels.

Palencia Car Horror

Four people died on the road just outside of Palencia after a brutal head-on collision. A young 22-year-old driving a Peugeot 407 careened into on-coming traffic and smashed directly into a Renault Laguna in which five persons were travelling.

Two couples in this car perished, but the fifth passenger escaped with minor injuries. . The 22-year-old also died. After the first crash the Peugeot hit another vehicle, which a 23-year-old was driving and he is now in intensive care. Firemen spent three hours sifting through the wreckage.

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