Albuñol Police Catch Bus

The Local Police in Albuñol are reportedly not being paid and are having to attend incidents by bus. Incredible as it seems, there is apparently not enough money to meet gasoline bills, so they have been ordered to leave all the cars and motorcycles in the garage.

Municipal officials have been quoted as saying that the vehicles can be used in an emergency. However, officers dispute this, saying that they have been told that there is “not one euro for gasoline.”

The local police are using the bus service because their patrol area includes Rabita, Los Castillos and Los Carlos, so walking or biking is out of the question. “And if we took a prisoner on a local bus?” asked one officer.

The problems for these officers at work is compounded by the problems they face at home, some having been without pay for months, therefore debts are creeping up, “We have bills, mortgages… we are professional when we put on our uniforms, but it is wrong that we should have to work without pay,” said one disgruntled officer.

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