100,000 Euros Wasted

All of the saplings that were planted in the Alpujarra area as part of a reforestation programme have died… because they were planted in April instead of the Autumn.

But rather than sitting around lamenting the administrative bungle, the Asociaciion de Voluntariado Ambiente Monte Verde, which was founded six years ago and chaired by the Green Party councillor for Orgiva, has started replanting again.

The said councillor, Jordi Jutglar Iglesias, explained that the Town Hall had requested a grant to sow the hillside above the cemetery road with saplings and build a mirador (flat area that affords a panoramic view, in this case) .

The funds were granted, which totalled 106,000 euros and a company was hired to carry out the work. Unfortunately, the building company decided to get the planting out of the way instead of waiting until the summer had passed, allegedly.

Undaunted, and with the help of 16 British volunteers who are here doing an environmental course, the association is busy re-planting pomegranate trees, cypresses, pines, Spanish evergreen oak, carob trees, strawberry trees (arbutus), etc. The association is funding the replanting themselves.

In the meantime, the regional department for the environment has sued both the Orgiva Town Hall and the building company for several hundred thousand euros for three reasons: the project was adjusted to the seasons, the terrain is very steep and subject to erosion and for not seeking permission to commence the project (referring to the private firm).

(News: Orgiva, La Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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