Big Flag for Almuñécar

Residents of Almuñecar will have noticed all the work going on around the fountain up on La Carrera de la Concepción roundabout  (where the Jete road reaches Almuñecar).

Well, the work is all in aid of El Dia de la Hispanidad, which is this Wednesday, and the work includes an 18m flagpole, which will be situated in the fountain and will fly a Spanish flag which will probably be about the size of a small country.

They are also trying to upgrade the entrance to C/Puerta de Granada, which is the little lane from that area going up to the church and the Casa de Cultura, which is had problematic access, which has caused a number of accidents.

The work being carried out by builders, painters, electricians and gardeners is not solely for the celebrations, as they have done quite a lot of essential maintenance work while everything has been dismantled and ‘dug up.’

Also, they are sorting out the planter on the paved area in the corner, just by C/Trinidad, which locals have complained looked very neglected and was mainly used as a dog toilet.

Driving around that corner today, it has been completely re-paved and a new planter has been erected which even the most athletic of dogs would find hard to achieve a ‘jobbie’ in. The horrible step which went up towards C/Trinity has been removed and there is now just a gentle slope, which is a job well done, as there have been several accidents reported on that step.

Of course, having seen the flag to be erected in Motril, Almuñécar just couldn’t bear to be left out, so, there now being a PP council in charge of the town, a huge national flag will be flown, replacing the smaller Andalusian one. This replacing of the Andalusian flag for the national one is something that has and will be happening in other parts of the town under the PP.

Note: The hard-copy publisher managed to take some photographs and speak with the builders. The borders of the roundabout had been painted azul añil, which looked pretty good – even the painters thought so – but apparently, it had been a mistake and the whole lot would have to be repainted in white.

Secondly, owing to the ridiculous original design of the main (fountain) roundabout, drivers who wanted to drive up to the Casa de la Cultural were faced with a completely illogical obstacle, where the flowerbed stuck out into the road. Fortunately, this has now been rectified, as the photos show.

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