New Day Centre for Almunecar?

The Town Hall is looking into the possibility of expanding the pensioners’ housing facilities near the town bus station. This existing complex consists of a pensioners’ club and self-catering flats for residence.

What the Town Hall is contemplating is including a day centre and a residence for the elderly. The Mayoress points out that this does not mean that the 60, self-catering flats will disappear, but that the new facilities will occupy ‘previously unused space.’

A different location for the new facilities was suggested but the Town Council considers that the existing complex is the ideal location as the new facilities will provide a service that the residents in the existing complex do not have.

The pensioners’ club used to be near the old medical centre, behind the main-road petrol station, but it was moved to its present location so that club members wouldn’t have to cross the busy N-340.

The pensioners’ housing complex is pretty big, running the full length behind the El Día and Lidl supermarkets, but even so, it’s not clear what spare space is available, when you taken into account the 60 flats distributed within 2-storey buildings, plus a pensioner’s club and gardens, as well as a vegetable plot for the bored green-fingered.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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