PSOE Seeks Office Space

The PSOE party in Almunecar are seeking to obtain a locale in La Herradura where they can attend to the needs and inquiries from the local population. A request has been put before the Town Hall in the form of a letter requesting a space in the village to meet residents and have meetings.

The request, says Censi Ruiz, is because, “we’ve never had a location where we can meet and listen to the public and up to now we have had to have these type of meetings in the street, houses or even in cafe bars. This is a situation that we must change because we are at the service of the people and want to work with them.”

Censi also explains that this is not the first time that such a request has been made, “we made similar requests of the previous administration, but to no avail,” she said.

The aim, say PSOE, is to have an administration as close to the people as possible, in the case of La Herradura, we want to be in the village centre, so the citizens no longer have to travel to Almunecar to ask questions, make petitions or voice their concerns.

Moreover, “the PSOE wants to guarantee the political and social plurality in La Herradura and, while meeting the commitment to involve residents in municipal affairs,” she added.

“This is why the socialists have created an ‘Office of Citizen Services,’  which aims to be open to the public every Tuesday. We intend to expand these hours if we are assigned a place in the village and people become aware that there is a site where you will be attended to, to this end the PSOE is going to do an intensive information campaign” concludes Ruiz.

Just as a footnote, having read about this in the local provincial press, we are still not entirely sure if the PSOE is seeking a place where you would be able to speak with just PSOE councillors, or if they are campaigning for an office for all councillors from all parties to hold meetings. We are trying to speak with our PSOE contacts to clarify and this post will be updated accordingly.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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