A Month for the Ladies

Mª del Carmen Reinoso, who is the Councillor for Social Welfare and [sexual] Equality has announced that September will be a month of activities and workshops, thanks to the Centro Municipal de Información de la Mujer.

There will be workshops for the following: painting, Pilates (senior citizens), paper-flower making, Yoga (Spanish and English-speaking groups), dressmaking, aerobics, belly dancing, language classes (English, German, Italian) self-defence and laughing-therapy (not sure that the last two are not connected in some way).

Now, to put your name down or to find out more info, go to the Casa de la Cultura, 3rd floor, where you will find the Centro Municipal de Información de la Mujer office.

Alternatively, if you are feeling ambitious or feel that life owes you a depression… or your husband is hankering to see you in Genghis-Khan mode, you can attempt to do it by phone on 958 635 006 or 673 369 760.

Perhaps both the safest and most domestically harmonious option would be to contact them by email on celenablanco@hotmail.com. Hell, you can even do it via facebook at Centro Mujer Almuñécar.

Go on; treat yourself! Hubby will just love it when you try out your new pepper-spray, self-defence-class aerosol on him!

(News/Events: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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