Jane Miles

Jane Miles is a lovely American lady in La Herradura who deserves an honourable mention and a big thank you for her work and dedication in raising funds for El Club Herradura (the Horseshoe Club).

Although she and her husband, Mike, already support many organizations, she could not resist the chance to support another wonderful cause. As soon as she heard about the club, she called everyone she knew in the village and back in the US – even friends of friends – to ask for donations. Not one person declined.

El Club Herradura is a non-profit club that offers a variety of extra-curricular activities for children between the ages of three and 18. The club is open between 4pm and 7 pm and the kids can choose to participate in a multitude of activities such as games, painting, theatre, crafts, and dance. Children can also choose from a long list of sports such as karate, paddle, tennis, gymnastics, aerobics, swimming, rugby, football, basketball, volleyball, skating and more.

There are numerous monitors (all qualified) working at the club who oversee the activities and care for the kids. They also assist the children with their homework after school and with Spanish and English conversation classes. The club also has a Summer School, which runs from July 1st until August 31st. The program is available on the club’s website www.elclub-herradura.com.

Being a non-profit club, only small fees apply for enrolment in the activities. Therefore, when people like Jane Miles make the effort to raise extra funds to purchase supplies and materials for the club, it is greatly appreciated.

Jane Miles heard about the club through Sophie Bruinsma, who founded it in Oct. 2010. Jane thought the idea and motives for starting an extracurricular club for children was fantastic. It is a concept well known in the US, and she could see the need for such a club in the area. It is a known fact that, children develop many skills, talents and abilities when participating in activities after school. Sports teach them about discipline, rules, team playing, and promotes their physical wellbeing.  Recreational and educational programs are great ways for kids to bond with others, build relationships, learn about team spirit and gain self-confidence; all things that can better prepare them for adulthood. The club is an ideal and fun place for children to go after school or during the summer when their parents are working.

Jane told me that she would be more than happy to help the club again with a fundraising activity such as a cocktail party, or whatever event Sophie may think would be a good idea. During our conversation, Jane told me that many of her friends who had donated, now want to bring their grandchildren to the village for the summer so that they can attend the Summer School, interact with local kids and learn a little Spanish. Although the club is located in La Herradura, they hope to attract more kids from Almuñécar to join in the summer fun as well. Parents can call Sophie Bruinsma for more info: 678 846 995.

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