Civil War’s 75th Anniversary

Tomorrow marks the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War; the prelude to the Second World War in which fascist Europe took on the beleaguered Spanish Republic.

The subject is still disputed in Spain and its long aftermath; decades of repression under Franco’s regime, still seeks recognition, if not justice, because the losing side have long been denied the right of burying their dead with dignity.

The internationally famous Hispanologist, Paul Preston, calculates in his latest book that around 20,000 republicans were liquidated after the war. General Emilio Mola gave the instructions, “Eliminate, without scruples or hesitation all those who are not like us” and his instructions were carried out with ruthless efficiency.

Mr Preston also considers that executions etc carried out by the rebels (Franco’s Nationalists) were five times greater than the atrocities carried out by the Republicans, accept in Republican-held Madrid, where the tables were reversed.

But it’s not so much about what happened during the war, which started in 1936 and concluded just before the onset of World War Two, because a war will always bring out the worst in the combatants, regardless of their ideology, but the post-war repression, which cannot be justified.

(News: Spain)

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