TV Celebrity Visits Salobrena

There’s a very popular TV series on Spanish television called Hermano Mayor; not to be confused with Gran Hermano: the former is Older Brother and the latter is Big Brother, with all its connotations.

Hermano Mayor has an ex-water polo celebrity as ‘older brother,’ who goes around to the houses where there are unruly adolescents and acting as ‘the older brother’ gives advice to the problematic teenagers.

He’s over 1.90m and square built, so he can look after himself. The point of the programme is that the programme host or Hermano Mayor is Pedro Aguado, who went through a bad patch with drugs and drink at the height of his sporting fame, so he helps these ‘rebels’ get over their attitude problems, speaking from experience.

Anyway, Pedro Aguado came to Salobrena to give a chat, which is thanks to seven high-school students who set it all up. Enhorabuena

As a quick aside note, it is just little ironic that a top, international, water-polo player should have a surname that translates for ‘Watery.’

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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