Fire and Retribution

Do you remember the fire that broke out and destroyed much of the Sierra Nevada national park on the Lanjaron side? Oh, come on; you must do! A foreign couple, during the parched September of 2005, became lost whilst hiking along route GR-7, and as dusk was approaching, phoned the 112 emergency number for help.

Now, if they had left it at that, things would have worked out pretty differently. However, Michael R.H. thought that it would be a good idea to light a small fire as a beacon, so that they could be located.

Well, before you could say, “Gosh, didn’t that catch well,” 3,354 hectares had disappeared, gone up in smoke and, sure enough, they were located, as the fire was probably visible from the International Space Station.

Yes, within hours they were not alone on the mountainside because they were joined by 277 fire fighters, a dozen fire engines and half a dozen fire-fighting aeroplanes and helicopters, bless them.

Well, the fateful match that Belgian Michelle handed to Michael should go into the Guinness Book of records as the most expensive match in history: 10.6 million euros. Michelle was acquitted.

There is no way, Micheal R.H. can possibly pay that quantity of money, the poor sod, so it has no doubt completely ruined his life, so let this be a reminder to everybody: don’t even sneeze in a the general direction of a matchbox until the rains come in mid October.

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