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ETA Suspects Detained
Two brothers, who are suspected of supplying arms and explosives to ETA units, have been arrested in Legorreta, Guipúzocoa recently.

They are thought to be part of the Erreka unit of ETA which has been active for a number of years, even getting a mention in documents seized from an arrested ETA terrorist in 2002.
Although neither of the men has any previous police record, José Aitor Esnaola Dorronsoro and his younger brother Igor are thought to have been major players in the distribution of equipment throughout the organisation. Their position was not helped when the Guardia took away explosives, detonators and ETA paperwork from their homes in Legorreta after a detailed search.

They remain behind bars awaiting further charges and a court date.

‘Ronaldinho’ Robber
Even those that are not over keen on football have probably heard of the Brazil and Barcelona player called Ronaldinho, and whilst not the most handsome of players, his unusual look and undoubted talent have made him a world-famous figure.

So, perhaps Hicham M., a 38-year-old Moroccan, who bears a striking resemblance to the said player, should have chosen a career other than that of a thief and robber. Let’s face it; it’s hard enough to remain discreet as a robber, but just about impossible when you are more recognisable than most Spanish politicians to the general public.

Discreet he was not, as police described Hicham as one of the most active retail thieves in Barcelona, stealing goods and cash from pharmacies, bakeries and even shoe shops, usually after terrifying the staff with a large knife.

Just about every robbery victim, when asked for a description of the suspect, likened him to Ronaldinho, which turned out to be the rotten robbers downfall.

A uniformed police patrol spotted a Ronaldinho look-a-like outside a bakery in the city and noticed that he was removing something from his pocket and about to enter the shop. They approached him, unsure whether to ask for an autograph or arrest him, when he suddenly sprayed the officers using a personal defence ‘pepper spray’ canister. However, the officers managed to recover and the fitness levels of the suspect were not in the same league as his footballer ‘twin’ and he was arrested in minutes.

Hicham remains incarcerated accused of eight robberies and the police are confident that there are even more charges to follow.

Guardia Gangster
Another robber who should perhaps have chosen a different career path is that of a Guardia Civil officer stationed in Landete in the province of Cuenca, who has recently been arrested for robbing two banks.

What’s the world coming to? “Excuse me officer, can you direct me to the Town Hall?”… “Certainly sir, just wait one moment while I knock over this bank for my weekend cash injection, then I’ll draw you a little map.”

Anyway, a local government spokesman in Castilla La Mancha, Máximo Díaz-Cano, did in fact confirm that a Guardia Civil officer had been arrested on suspicion of the robbery of two bank branches, one in Landete and the other in the neighbouring municipality of Talayuelas, sometime late last year and early this year.

Diaz-Cano spoke to the press after the arrest, “If you commit a crime, you will be pursued and brought to justice, no matter what kind of person you are.” Which must be a bit of a worry for the Ed with his constant crimes against fashion. (Bastard! – Ed)

Dangerous Driving Guardia
(DD) A Guardia Civil officer was arrested recently in Alicante after he caused a serous accident by driving the wrong way down a motorway.

The 40-year-old officer was off duty at the time of the accident in which six people were injured on the A-31, on the Madrid bound carriageway, near the town of El Rebolledo.
As a result of the impact, two of the six injured were trapped in the wreckage and had to be cut free by members of the fire service.

One of the injured was a 32-year-old man who suffered, what were described as, multiple injuries of a serious and life threatening nature, and he was transferred to the General Hospital in Alicante.

The Guardia Civil officer explained that he had entered the wrong side of motorway ‘by mistake.’ He was taken to hospital with serious injuries, where he was arrested for the crime of reckless driving. He has since been released on bail to await further investigations and a court date.

Bondage – Not Guilty
This is a strange tale from the Provincial Court in Alicante, where a man was facing charges of domestic violence and rape, with the prosecutor calling for a 12-year prison sentence and a 30,000-euro fine.

However, the court found him not guilty mainly because, during the case, it had become clear that couple regularly engaged in sadomasochistic sex games. The court heard how such games had been a part of the couple’s life since 1990 and the magistrate said this was a major factor in finding the accused man not guilty.

The ex-wife stated that the relationship had suffered since the birth of their second daughter, mainly because her husband would not help her with the housework. She turned to the courts in 2008, claiming ill treatment and that her husband had forced her to have sex.

However, the court ruled that, other than the alleged victim’s statement, there was no other evidence and that any bruising found could have resulted for the sex games in which the couple were indulging. They also decided that it would be difficult to find the accused guilty when they both regularly took part in fantasies where the woman would pretend to resist her husband’s advances. In short, to prove that on this one occasion, the woman really did not want to have sex would be almost impossible.

Pylon Pilfering
(DD) In this economic climate, you just can’t leave anything lying around without it arousing the interest of thieves. This even includes a huge electricity pylon!

Just outside the town of Elda (Alicante), workers left a large metal electricity pylon; ready to have the lines attached and go into operation. Unfortunately, two local thieves also noticed the shiny new metal erection, and began to wonder just how much it would be worth as scrap.
The thieves, aged 33 and 34, set to work over five days in the mountainous area of Elda, always out of normal working hours, slowly dismantling the structure down into single metre lengths of metal.

They were expecting to sell the segments for around 4,000 euros, but their scam was rumbled and the Guardia arrested them.

Damage to the pylon was estimated at around 19,500 euros, and although all the parts were recovered, it is unlikely it will be of any use.

This article just goes to show… when the economy is struggling, it really does pylon the pressure!

Highway Robbery!
Did I mention earlier that in this economic climate that you can’t take your eyes off anything for a moment, for fear it may be stolen? Well if you thought the theft of an entire electricity pylon was a bit rich… wait ‘til you read this!

The Guardia Civil in the town of Miengo (Cantabria) were more than a little shocked to receive a report that a local road had been stolen. Not exactly the entire road, but 150 square metres of asphalt has actually been stolen from a recently repaired section of road.

I know I’ve said it before… but I can’t stop myself, what is the world coming to? (Is nothing sacred – Ed) It’s sad and very annoying when you wake up one morning and find your bicycle or even your car has been stolen, but it comes to something when you awake to find the bloody road missing!

The Ed should be supplying a photograph of the missing section, so you can see for yourselves what a clean job the thieving little sods made of the removal.

Guardia officers pointed out that it must have required at the very least a lorry and some hard work with a shovel to remove a full 150 square metres worth of tarmac, and yet nobody heard or saw anything.

Joking aside, the annoying part is the inconvenience for local people who use the stretch of road regularly and repairs had only just been completed at a cost of 15,000 euros.
The Mayor of Miengo, Avelino Cuartas Coz (PP) expressed his ‘shock and disgust’ at the theft and has ordered that the section be resurfaced in double quick time to avoid any problems or inconvenience to local people…. Mmmm, must be an election in the offing.

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