IU Promises to Remove Blue Zones

Now whilst on the subject of Blue Zones I was gratified to see at least one party had promised to get rid of them should they get into power, or at least have a voice in a coalition council. The party in question was the IU, which is a traditional left-wing party, rather than the modern left of centre socialists.

The leader, Fermín Tejero said that their electoral manifest did not contain a list of promised public works that would all end up getting nowhere, but proposals that he considered had a chance of seeing the light of day, and one of which was the abolition of the Blue Zones.

The trouble with lesser parties is that they can promise the world, knowing full well that there is little chance of their getting in and having to come up with the goods. Mind you, such an eventuality does not prevent the major parties for making similarly incredible proposals for the criminally credulous, of course.

I met a gent at Patrick Grant’s wake at the end of last month who asked me whether I had seen the yellow lines that have been laid down on both sides of the road leading up to the old Al Club area above Velilla. This road is normally used as a secondary parking option when the beach parking is completely exhausted. His question was a rhetorical one, as it was evident to both of us that this latest parking restriction was just one more imposed to force car drivers down into the hungry, but inadequate underground car parks.

I say inadequate because when the summer onslaught begins the parking available within them for visitors (rotary parking) will be used up in a flash – around 50% of these facilities are for reserved private parking.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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