The Risks of Argument

With light slowly seeping into the dawn sky, a young couple with known relationship issues decided to intensify a fight by getting out of their parked car – on the A-44 on the way to Granada. Yes, there on the side of highway, they commenced to chase each other about (exact details are not clear) until some innocent chap on his way to work ploughed into them as they, in their oblivious anger, had spilled over into a lane.

The woman, 29, and Bolivian, died there and then on the side of the road where she’d been thrown, and the man, who survived, was rushed to hospital. Passing drivers had alerted police to the crazy scene, confirming that, yes, they looked as if they were having a bad fight until it was too late and they were hit.

A Granada Association for Bolivian Women is attempting to raise funds to repatriate the woman’s body home, as the family in Bolivia do not have sufficient funds.

(News: Andalucia, Granada, Lecrin)

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