Trims, 80’s Disco & Sad Sausage Rolls

Start throwing the diatomaceous earth around this month to keep on top of fleas. We have it in the shop 15 euros a kilo, totally non toxic and brilliant.

March is also a good time to have a semi trim. We charge 26 euros for a small dog to be bathed, dried, clipped, nails and ears.

We also pride ourselves on having 20-years’ experience, teaching people from all over Europe to groom and we are still cheaper than anyone else. We never use anaesthetic, as we know how to handle dogs and strongly believe that knocking a dog out to clip it is dangerous and flippant.

You will see some very amusing haircuts around town. Bare bodies and untouched heads because of a lack of scissor-work skill, skinny little bodies then this big hairy head like animal from the Muppets. The Westie cut on everything is another one, by this I mean shaved on the back and then a huge amount of hair hanging down. Schnauzers and Fox terriers with a big furry line running the length of the body. Hilarious. We groom accurately to breed and to City and Guild advanced standards.

New law – well newish – you have to go to the vet twice a year to worm your dogs. Helpful and insightful me thinks. I think we’ll file that in the don’t be cruel to animals, don’t abandon them when you can’t be bothered with them any more, can’t buy drugs from the pharmacy without a prescription…blah, blah, blah law.

I’ve been thinking to have an 80’s disco/jazz funk night to raise money to get some cats and dogs spayed. In my mind you all show up and the evening is a swimming success, leg warmers everywhere and whistles galore but I’m sure it would be an empty cavernous venue with a sad disco ball spinning and Steve and his record collection in the corner and Chris and I huddled over a plate of sausage rolls. Be like a Mike Lee film staring me instead of Alison Steadman, cheesy pineapple anyone?

A customer of mine wants a Jack Russell type, if anyone needs to home one. Also 6-year-old German Shepard in need of a home; very sweet dog but bit of a garden digger on the quiet. She would be best to be someone’s only dog.

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