Chavez Against the Ropes

Manuel Chavez, the current third vice-president to Prime Minister Zapatero, and former First Minister of the Junta de Andalucía (you know, those people in the sky with their eye on you) is in trouble with Andalucian Supreme Court.

It involves a case where the Junta had awarded a 10-million-euro contract to a company in which his daughter worked as a jurist. Chavez was involved in the process, and therein lies the key: the case had originally being shelved by the Supreme Court after an appeal by the PP against the Junta’s decision to see no wrong in the matter, but now Andalucia’s top justices have ordered the re-opening of the case.

Apparently, the decision to not pursue this nepotism was based on the idea that the Junta had no knowledge of the First Minister’s daughter working at the company—this apparently did not extend to the First Minister of the Junta knowing it, which was not in question, especially since Chavez was at his daughter’s side during the opening of one of the company’s mines.

Worse still for Chavez, a recent scandal involving fraudulent early retirements (in some case, in their mid-40’s and being paid scandalous amounts when the rest of Spain is being punished for even thinking of retiring at 65) among certain high-ranking Andalucian socialists is making his political situation even more precarious. Add to this that for a couple years now political opponents have been asking what the heck does a third vice-president do anyway, and Chavez Days are looking numbered.

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