Publication Update: March

We go to the printer Tuesday the 1st, meaning that hardcopy distribution begins Wednesday3rd March in the evening. We missed getting to the printer on Friday the 25th of Feb because my main computer went down and I am now using a back up one… Don’t you just love it when that happens on the shortest month of the year, and when there is a bank-holiday weekend at the end to make it even shorter!

Anyway the online edition, of course will start going up on the 1st, as always, albeit in the evening.

Distribution is as follows:

Motril: you will be able to find some at Radiovision, Mediterranea garage on the Puntalón roundabout, Café Paris on the ring road up to the hospital and Restaurante El Zarcillo on the Esplanada, and the Tourist Information Office, Caja Rural. All the cafes in Plaza de la Palmera will have a handful of Gazettes, as well as that little tea & coffee shop somewhere in the centre. Don’t forget, if you pick up a Gazette from somewhere that doesn’t currently advertise with us, threaten to hold your breath until you pass out if he doesn’t phone us immediately to take up advertising. There is a new advertiser this month in Motril and that is the CMC medical clinic in Calle Marjalillo (tel 958 822 492), which is pretty central.

Apart from these places, scattered all around the town are ‘house copies,’ i.e., ones that belong to the establishment and are not for removal, but to be read there.

Salobreña: Lingwoods, Casa Técnica, tourist office, etc. Note that although Supersol no longer wants any magazines left, we do deliver to the adjoining cafe. Mahidalu glaziers, in front of the Town Hall, have begun to advertise again, so that will have copies. You’ll find copies down on the beach front at the Chiringuito el Peñon There’s also a bar, right down the other end of the beach, whose name I cannot remember, who is threatened into taking copies.

Nerja: Dentadanés (Maro) Clínica Sta Cecilia (c/Hurtado, Nerja) and a sprinkling of copies around town as “bar copies.” We are basically a Granada-based newsmagazine, but we will drop off copies at bars that you suggest, rather than have you wearing out the motorway in search of copies over the border.

Almuñécar and La Herradura: everyone that advertises

Vanessa, who is based in Lanjarón, is ill at the moment and we wish her strength in these dark moments. I do the distribution in the lower Alpujarra, blitzing the main square of Órgiva and as far as that Baraka behind the Guardia Civil post – very popular with market-day goers, new age travellers and visiting extra-terrestrials.

Lanjarón has them: Bar Flower, Bar Health, farmacy in highstreet, Aladin second-hand store, at the meson near the fountain/spring at the top entrance to village, the municipal market, The Galeria, the gasoline station at the bottom end of town.

You can also find Gazettes in main square of Pampaneira, in the Belezmin, for example. Trevélez is covered by Dave Disney, who you can phoned on 958 858 646 or email him at for more info

Lecrín Valley: Mondujar, main branch office of Caja Rural (c/Granada 21), The gasonline station heading out of Mondujar for Restábal at Meson/Restaurante Los Naranjos (Meglisé) and the Viatour travel agents there.

If there is somewhere where you think that many people would collect there copies from in those areas, leave a comment on this article and we will see that they get some

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