Americana – February

Only ‘His’

Greetings from Tucson, where politicians no longer tread the streets for fear of being shot in the head. Now, while some might have their own personal list of candidates for this particular fate, you have to agree it really is not the right way to go about things. I mean, pretty much everybody who has ever read any of my stuff knows that I would like to have seen Gordon Brown hanged, drawn and quartered. But going around shooting people – well, it’s just not cricket, is it?

All humour aside, this horrible event took place about 8-9 miles away from where we now live, so we were about as close as I would ever want to get to a lunatic armed with an automatic pistol. Forget all the Hollywood fictions about the ‘Wild West,’ where the heroes in white hats ride into town to save the day; this is how life used to be out here – mayhem and murder on an almost random basis. Welcome to the land of the gun, where you’re likely to be given a ticket for crossing the road in the wrong place (seriously!), but you can walk into a supermarket-style hunt’n, fishin’ & shoot’n store and buy an automatic weapon. Crazy! As are too many of the people who patronise them. I don’t know of too many serious hunters who use automatic pistols, do you? They are definitively anti-human weapons, designed for a specific purpose. And, sadly, they clearly do the job for which they were designed, very well.

Well enough of that. Friends in Spain (yes, I do actually still have some, due to a great deal of tolerance on their part) tell me that last month’s Salobrena section appeared under my by-line, but upon re-reading it, they came to the conclusion that this could not possibly be. “Nah,”they said, “This is way too nice. Insufficient sarcasm. No way David wrote this”. I have to confess, they were correct. While I am usually quite content to take credit for the work of others whenever it happens to suit me, the section is now in the more than capable hands of our erudite, hardworking and much beloved Editor. See how I can also fawn with the best!
While we’re on the subject of credit, I have to report that Arlene was so ashamed by the manner in which she hogged the January Column, she has allowed me our full joint word quota for this month. Bless her!

I still hear from our friends in the International Club (a.k.a. Arlene’s legacy to the Community), and am glad to know the Eco Rastro continues to flourish. Also that, despite the usual political posturing and bickering common to any organization of more than 3-4 people, the Club thrives and provides an outlet for activities, making new friends and generally enriching everybody’s lives.

We miss all of the friends we made during our years in Salobreña. Anybody venturing across the Atlantic will be most welcome to visit.

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