Going, Going, Gone!

Space for a good whinge and then onto something positive. You will have noticed that the parking spaces along C/Sánchez Chaves (along the bottom of the municipal market) have disappeared.

The Town Hall, in a moment of supreme sagacity, decided that we really had too many parking areas around town and that there was a much greater need of wide-but-deserted pavements.

By a strange quirk of fate, the disappearing parking spaces were running alongside the underground car park, under the municipal market, a pure coincidence, no doubt.
But one of the worrying aspects about the widening of footpaths along this street is the disappearance of the storm drains. Yes, the drains that ran alongside the original curb at road level were covered over by the wider pavement, leaving a small metal inspection cover.

With the first rains of autumn, water gushed down the street and flooded into the underground car park. The fact is that the town has a tremendous problem with the evacuation of rainwater, which makes this ‘botch job’ even more incomprehensible.

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